Become a Certified Hypnotherapist with the United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis® (USBCH)

Ready for a rewarding career where you can transform lives using the incredible potential of the human mind?

Become a Certified Hypnotherapist! Join our comprehensive 5-day training program led by Doug Meacham, USBCH Certified Trainer, and Hypnotist. Discover the benefits of scientific hypnotherapy, EEG brainwave neurofeedback, and the revolutionary Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT®).

During this immersive experience, you’ll gain hands-on training and master cutting-edge techniques that truly work. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

✨ Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy – Understand the inner workings and unleash the full potential of hypnosis.
✨ Complete Hypnosis Sessions – From A to Z, learn how to guide clients through transformative hypnotherapy experiences.
✨ Interactive and Physical Inductions – Achieve remarkable success with interactive and physical approaches.
✨ The Hypnosis Contract – Keep your clients focused and on track to achieve their goals.
✨ Advanced and Rapid Inductions – Utilize modern techniques for deep and rapid trance states.
✨ Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT) – Experience the new science of hypnosis and transform lives.
✨ Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss Methods – Liberate clients from smoking and achieve super successful weight loss results.
✨ EEG Brainwave Monitoring – Harness brain-wave technology to enhance your hypnosis practice.
✨ Removing Fears and Phobias – Free clients from unwanted fears and phobias using ERT.
✨ Early Life Regression Therapy – Unlock powerful methods to address the root causes of client challenges.
✨ Marketing Your Hypnosis Practice – Promote your business effectively without spending a dime.
✨ And much, much, more full list below.

And that’s not all! Witness live sessions conducted by renowned hypnotist Tom Silver, boosting your confidence to hypnotize anyone successfully. You’ll also have the opportunity for “hands-on” practice with live subjects under Doug‘s expert guidance. Plus, learn the self-hypnosis techniques developed by Tom Silver to lower your own brain waves.

Upon completion, you’ll receive not just one, but two prestigious certifications from the United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis® (USBCH): Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy and Emotion Replacement Therapy®.

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Full List of Course Topics:

  • Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy – What it is and how it works.
  • Conducting Full Hypnosis Sessions – From A – Z.
  • Interactive and Physical Hypnosis Inductions – Have great success with interactive inductions.
  • The Hypnosis Contract with Your Client – Get your client to stay focused and on track.
  • Advanced Hypnosis Inductions – Utilize modern techniques.
  •  Deep Trance Inductions – Bring your clients to the deepest states of hypnosis with confidence.
  • Rapid Inductions – Hypnotize your clients in seconds!
  • Instant, Unexpected Inductions – Shock inductions for highly analytical clients.
  • Visualization, Affirmation & Projection – A highly effective method that achieves results.
  • Reactionary Hypnosis – Produce deeper states of hypnosis.
  • Physical Deepening Techniques – Physical methods to produce deeper stages of hypnosis.
  • Emotion Replacement Therapy – E.R.T. “The New Hypnosis Science Technology”
  • Stop Smoking in One Session with E.R.T. – Free clients from smoking in one session.
  • E.R.T. Weight Loss Methods – Super successful weight loss methods.
  • EEG Brainwave Monitoring – Learn brain-wave technology.
  • Rapid Habit Control Methods – Remove client’s negative habits quickly.
  • Removing Fears and Phobias with E.R.T. – Free your clients of unwanted fears and phobias.
  • Early Life Regression Therapy – Powerful methods to get to the root of your client’s challenges.
  • Automatic Subconscious Reprogramming Method – Client’s subconscious mind reprograms itself automatically while the hypnotist sits in silence.
  • LIVE Sessions – Witness Tom Silver conduct LIVE hypnotherapy sessions. Doug makes sure you will have the confidence to hypnotize anyone successfully.
  • “Hands On” Practice – You will be given the opportunity to practice hypnosis on a live subject with Doug’s guidance.
  • Self-Hypnosis – You will learn how to lower your own brain waves with Tom Silver’s techniques.
  • Tom Silver’s “New Method” of Hypnotherapy – Does not use the word “hypnosis” or “sleep.”
  • Marketing Your Hypnosis Practice – Promote your business without paying a dime!
  • Hypnosis Safety – Learn hypnosis safety techniques.