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How Hypnosis Works

So, what exactly is Hypnosis and How does it work?  In order to really understand the phenomenon of hypnosis – it’s important to first dispel a few of the myths.

It’s not sleep, because you’ll most likely be awake and alert the entire time – though it’s common for your attention to drift periodically during a session.  Usually, the only people who actually fall asleep are those individuals who are very tired, or have a habit of falling asleep when watching a movie.

Second, it’s not mind control – it cannot make you do something you don’t want to do.  Neither the hypnotist, nor the hypnosis can make you re-enforce decisions you do not wish to make.

Instead, Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can assist you in re-enforcing and strengthening decisions you’ve already made for yourself and that you want to re-enforce.

When you utilize it properly, you can gain significant leverage over unhealthy, unproductive, or unwanted habits.  Especially the ones you often do without thinking – only to catch yourself after the fact.

This can result in quitting smoking far easier than ever before in as little as 1 session, losing unwanted pounds naturally and easily, without drugs or diets, and without it being a constant struggle.

You can even use hypnosis to reduce stress and maintain a healthy mind and body.

What does Hypnosis really FEEL Like?

Think of a time when you tried to get the attention of a person in the middle of a good movie or checking email on the computer.

Hypnosis feels very similar to the state of being ‘zoned out’ in front of the TV or Computer.  It happens easily through natural relaxation and focus of attention.   You are aware and alert and if you need to get up or interrupt yourself you can – but you are focused intently on what you are doing.
The more you allow yourself to relax and focus your attention on the suggestions given (just like when you are watching a movie following the story), the more receptive you will be to that suggestion – and the more likely you are to agree with and act on that suggestion.  Of course, any suggestion you don’t agree with will simply be rejected.  You can always reject any suggestion give to you that you don’t wish to re-enforce.

Like anything else, the more you practice going into hypnosis the easier it becomes and before long you’ll get very good at going into hypnosis whenever you want – whether it’s in a session with your hypnotist or at home using an autogenic self-hypnosis program.

Live & customized sessions with a qualified and specialist hypnotist are always best though.  It allows your hypnotist to tailor the program specifically to your special & unique needs so you can get the most from your experience.

Suggestions given to you in a way that accurately reflects the way you’re perceiving the problem, and that follow your unique decision-making process will make the hypnosis program more effective.

Private sessions are completely focused on your particular situation.  As a result, they are more engaging, more personalized, more fun, and ultimately more effective.

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