It’s Never Too Late to Quit Smoking—Especially for Family

Grandfather who wants to quit smoking holding grandchild's hand

You Get Healthier The Same Day You Quit Smoking.

It’s never too late to stop smoking. In fact, after 20 minutes of your last cigarette, your body gets healthier immediately! The heart rate drops, your blood pressure drops, and your overall circulation begins to improve. That’s just after the first 20 minutes! After a month, for some, the cilia regain normal function in a month. Cilia are the hairs inside your lungs they move mucus out the lungs, once those are healthy then you get a bundle of benefits; longer breaths, cleaner lungs and the reduction of risks for infection.  After a whole year, your risk for coronary heart disease (like heart attacks and strokes) gets cut in half.

The Number One Reason Folks Quit.

We hear it almost every day, “I want to quit smoking for my grandchildren.” Or, “I want to quit smoking for my family.” We all want to be there for life’s milestones; the first day of school, graduation, birthdays, marriages and grandchildren. It’s never too late and according to John Hopkins University, “…smokers who quit after being diagnosed with cancer are better able to heal and respond to treatment, reducing the chance of death from some cancers by up to 40 percent.”

Keep Reading, Hypnosis Works!

It is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed. If celebrity endorsements carry any weight, then go no further than Matt Damon and Charlize Theron. Both have turned to hypnosis to quit smoking. If you want testimonials from real folks, like the rest of us, then at Gresham Hypnosis Center we have a great track record. Most of our clients kick the habit after a single session.  Hypnosis reinforces decisions you already want to make. You have already decided to quit smoking. Hypnosis reinforces that decision.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

It doesn’t feel like sleeping and it doesn’t feel like mind control. In fact, you can be fully aware while in trance. Imagine watching a really good movie and hardly noticing that time has passed. Or driving home from work and realizing you have reached the driveway without noticing the time in-between. In both cases, you remember the details, but somehow you were on cruise control.

For some, they don’t even realize that hypnosis is taking place. You sit back and relax, and your professional hypnotists will reinforce decisions you have already made. According to Margret in a Huffington Post article:

“I was quite unaware that I was being hypnotized. The hypnosis was just deep enough for everything [the hypnotist] said to take root. She told me that I shouldn’t ever touch another cigarette, not to think I can smoke and get away with it and that one cigarette can restart the addiction over again. It was very easy. I was really quite surprised.”

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Everything tastes and smells better. It like putting on glasses for the first time, you didn’t know what you were missing until you looked through those new lenses. Things don’t just smell better to you; you actually smell better to them too. Your breath, your hair, and clothes all get an immediate upgrade.  Yes, no matter how much you do to hide your smoke smell, they can smell it on you. Smoking causes your teeth and nails to turn yellow, they return to their normal color. Finally, normal activities don’t shorten your breath.


90% of all lung cancer deaths are related to smoking. If you quit before 40 you have a 90% chance of avoiding cancer, if you quit before 50 you have a 50% chance of avoiding cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death among smokers. For some, this is not tangible enough to quit smoking. Less dramatically, smoking can damage your skin and even cause infertility.


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