Science Says: Hypnosis Can Improve Your Brain in Two Ways

Hypnosis Can Improve Your Brain in Two Ways

Real Science From A Real University

Stanford Medicine did a study scanning hypnotized brains. While hypnotists and clients have known for centuries that hypnosis works, we finally are able to see what happens inside the brain during hypnosis.

This is the first time that a study has focused on the state of hypnosis itself. Other studies have been specific on the impact hypnosis has on pain and vision—but those don’t really tell the whole story. Those studies don’t look into what is actually happening inside the brain while in hypnosis. Now we can actually image what the brain is doing. What did we learn? Two things! Here they are.

Your Squirrel Detector Calms Down

We all know that there’s a part of our brain that can detect “squirrels” and other moving objects in your peripheral vision. These “squirrels” distract us from what is in front of us. Technically, these distractions are called saliency items and your brain has a whole network to detect them. Early in our human ancestry, this saliency network was helpful for survival. Now that we’ve got the predator thing under control, it is a little less necessary and sometimes even an obstacle for being mindful. The study saw a decrease in activity in the salience network during hypnosis. This means your mind is less distracted and more focused on what is happening in the moment.

More Trains In Your Brain

As a country, the U.S. wasn’t truly connected until we created the national railway. After that, cities and towns became connected and were able to exchange goods and information more efficiently. Your brain also has a railway that connects its different parts together. Hypnosis increases the connection between two specific parts of your brain; the part that reacts to stimuli (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex) and the part that experiences pain and emotions (insular cortex). Don’t worry, we won’t use those big words again. All we care about is the part that reacts and the part that is in charge of pain and emotions. This means that during hypnosis you can create new ways in which you react to the world around you. You can reinforce positive ways that already benefit you and reduce negative reactions that hold you back.

What Does It Mean?

Hypnosis is natural, you are born with the ability to go into trance. It is a built-in function to help you become focused and make positive changes. When you see a certified hypnotist, they help you get to that beneficial hypnotic state faster, with greater focused intention. The greatest opportunity for making positive change requires you to become focused, less distracted, and to create new ways to emotionally react to stimulus. Hypnosis does exactly that.

Are You Ready For Change?

Hypnosis is known to help people quit smoking, lose weight, and reduce stress. Hypnosis can help with almost any positive change you are seeking to develop. This includes managing pain and quitting bad habits. If you want change, try hypnosis. We can help after a single session.

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