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3 Ways to Stay Calm for the Holidays

‘Tis the season and stress is everywhere! And, yes, stress can be a huge factor where high blood pressure is concerned.  So, how can you lower your blood pressure, naturally? Here are some simple and easily applied options. Exercise First, check with your doctor if you are not already actively exercising. If you have high blood pressure, […]

7 X-Factors for That Contribute to Hypertension

There are two types of hypertension; Primary hypertension and Secondary hypertension. Only 5% of cases of hypertension are a result of a recognized medical cause, such as kidney disease, artery damage, or hormone disorder, this is called secondary hypertension. The remaining 95% of causes of hypertension is called primary hypertension and can be tied to […]

Overweight? Watch out!

  A new study shows that being overweight in mid-life substantially increased the risk of dying of heart disease later when they get older. This finding is based on a research by Northwestern University as result of tracking 17,643 patients for 3 decades. Even people with healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels when the study […]