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Dave Elman Induction Master Class

The Dave Elman Induction In his classroom, working specifically with doctors and dentists, Dave Elman taught how to, in under 3 minutes, take someone to true somnambulism.   Now, you can too. That’s confidence! By attending this Dave Elman Induction Master Class you will learn how to effectively… Set up this rapid induction. Create, consistently, […]

Three causes of test anxiety

I once had a client who was studying to become a Mortician.  He had aced all the unit tests and all his daily course challenges.  But when it came time to take his state boards, he froze…three times. What causes test anxiety?  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association o of America, there are three […]

Are Habits Easy To Change?

Does it take more than 21 days to create new habits? In a word?      Yes. In 2012, Phillippa Lally, health psychology researcher at University College London ran a study and the results were very telling. On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to […]