Want to Reduce Weight? Don’t Eat This…”Low Fat” Foods

Low fat

Research suggests that people tend to eat upwards of 30 percent more when they know they’re eating a food that’s low fat. The problem is that when food makers remove fat from food, they inevitably remove some of the flavor. To compensate, they often add sugar, which makes the product even worse for you.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the daily allowance for a person’s intake of added sugar should be no more than six teaspoons to help avoid mounting health problems including obesity and tooth decay.

From New Health Guide:

“Dietitians and nutritionists have established that 4 grams of white sugar (granulated) is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar. This can explain simple sugar composition of most beverages and foods; for example, one can of coke contains approximately 44 grams of sugar. You can easily get the total number of teaspoons of sugar contained in one can by (44 divided by 4). This measurement is much more realistic and somewhat eye-opening too (did you ever realized that a can of coke gives you 11 teaspoons of sugar with absolutely no nutritional advantage?)”

A study of 100 popular low or non-fat grocery items from major supermarkets found that dozens contained at least two teaspoons of total sugar in a single serving. One in four of the products contained more than three teaspoons of the ingredient.

Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist and science director of Action on Sugar, a campaign group, said the findings showed some low fat foods were “loaded with sugar” despite purporting to be healthy. He suggested manufacturers added to the risk of chronic diseases by “misleading” shoppers over the ingredients of such products.

“There is mounting evidence of sugar’s detrimental effect on health independent of calories with a recent study revealing excess consumption trebling the risk of heart disease even in the non obese,” he said.

Simply because it’s low in fat does not guarantee it’s healthy.

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