Use Self Hypnosis to Combat Stress

self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a wonderfully fast and effective way to reduce stress and calm your nerves.

No matter what your challenge,  one of the foundational tools you’re taught at Gresham Hypnosis Center is self-hypnosis for stress reduction.

It’s similar to meditating. The major difference between self-hypnosis and meditation is meditation is used to clear the mind. Self-hypnosis is used to achieve a goal. In self-hypnosis, you focus on achieving an outcome (i.e., reduce stress, build confidence, etc.).

  • Prepare. The great part of self-hypnosis: It doesn’t take long or much prep time. You do need to be prepared but not overly. Set aside 20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. To track your time you can set a timer: one for 15 minutes and one for 20 minutes.
  • Get Comfortable. A huge factor in the success of self-hypnosis: Your level of relaxation. If you’re wearing leather pants or haven’t had a meal all day, you won’t be comfortable. Put on some sweats and grab some food. You will need to be comfortable in order to relax.
  • Get Your Trance On. Don’t worry. It’s not as weird as it sounds. “In a trance” is not a new thing. You have experienced it before. Probably several times a day like when you’re reading, driving your car, etc. So how do you get to this state?
  • Sit down, close your eyes and begin to focus on each breath you take.
  • Once you are relaxed, you will need to deepen your trance. To do this, start counting backward from 10. Imagine you are heading deeper and deeper into a relaxed state as each number passes. Feel each part of your body getting heavier and harder to move (start at your head and work your way down, all the way to the tips of your toes).
  • Positive Thoughts, Sweetheart! Your goal: Confidence. Think about what you want. Similar to the way you would repeat affirmations: focus on your intention. “I radiate confidence. I am secure with who I am. I am enough”. Focus on confidence. IF a negative thought comes into your mind, push it out. Positive, confident thoughts only! Do this until your 15-minute timer goes off.
  • BEEP! Once your timer goes off it’s a safe bet you’ve spent adequate time repeating your intention. It’s time to emerge. Start counting from 3 to 1. Tell yourself when you get to 1, you will fully emerge, feeling fresh, renewed and confident.

Jessica Bartram Huffington Post

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