Three Things Smokers Need To Do Before They Stop Smoking

stop smoking

Everyday, though out the world, people stop smoking using hypnosis. 

By the way, there is a huge difference between quitting and stopping the nicotine habit.

To quote Samuel Clemens;

“Giving up smoking is easy…I’ve done it hundreds of times.

How many times have you heard this: “I’ve tried to quit a dozen times.” To quit is not final and trying implies imminent failure. The moment you decide to stop…you stop.

I make certain all my clients have decided to stop. Period.

The American Heart Association estimates that in the United States, 25 million men (23 percent) and 21 million women (18 percent) are smokers.

The first use of hypnosis to quit smoking was described by Dr. Herbert Spiegel in a 1970 journal article. His hypnotic strategy has become known as the “Spiegel technique” and involves concentration on three main ideas:

  • Smoking is poisonous to your body
  • You need your body if you want to live
  • If you want to live, you need to respect and protect your body.

Dr Spiegel worked with a lot of celebrities for smoking cessation.

Over the years the list has grown.

Matt Damon smoked for 16 years and used hypnosis to rid himself of the habitBen Affleck has used hypnosis to stop a 20 year smoking addiction

Other celebrities who have uses hypnosis to kick the nicotine habit.

Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashton Kutcher. Anthony Hopkins

Winona Ryder, Ewan McGregor, Billy Joel, Mark Knopfler, Aaron Eckhart, Dorothy Hamill and Ellen Degeneres

While you may or may not be a celebrity, we can help you  to stop smoking.