What is Hypnotension?

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What is Hypnotension?

The Hypnotension™ program is a one-to-one therapy between you and a specially trained Certified Hypnotension Practitioner at Gresham Hypnosis Center.  Together, you will address the emotional and lifestyle factors which contribute to your high blood pressure so that you can take back control and lower high blood pressure naturally.

The Hypnotension™ program uses proven cognitive techniques and behavioral coaching to help you make the changes that can make high blood pressure a thing of the past.

Your progress is carefully monitored and we work directly with your doctor so you get the most benefit as soon as possible, and so that you both know what is working best in your particular case.

Why is the program called Hypnotension?

The name, Hypnotension, reflects the fact that all our Certified Practitioners are qualified Hypnosis practitioners who are trained to deal with the emotional and lifestyle factors causing high blood pressure.

Will it work for me?

If you have Primary (or Essential) hypertension, are committed to lowering your blood pressure, willing to work with your Certified Hypnotension Practitioner and you do the tasks that they set, it should certainly work for you. Not everyone can return their blood pressure to ‘ideal’ levels in a short period of time, but even a modest reduction can slash your chances of having a stroke or heart disease by 10% or more. Find a Hypnotension practitioner.

I’m on blood pressure medication, can I still use the Hypnotension program?

YES. Blood pressure medication manages the symptoms of high blood pressure whereas Hypnotension works with the underlying emotional “x factors” and aggravating factors. So, as the causes of your high blood pressure disappear, your doctor may be able to reduce your medication over time.

These x-factors include:

  • Anger
  • Conflict
  • Control issues
  • Fear of Death
  • Environment
  • Guilt
  • Identification

How do I get started?

Gresham Hypnosis Center works directly with your doctor. Learn how, together, we can help Lower High Blood Pressure or call us today at 503.319.7142